Shane Smith & The Saints

Folk/Rock/Country Band | Austin, TX
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Creative/Art Director: Jonathan Smith

One of my favorite projects to date, this responsive website not only has a great design (by Jonathan Smith), but also some very cool features. Integrating and customizing numerous third-party systems, like Instagram, Bands in Town, Spotify, and Big Cartel, we were able to create a one-stop-shop for fans of the band. With a slide-out Spotify player, fans are able to play and control their Spotify app from any page in order to listen to Shane’s latest album, “Geronimo.” Non-Spotify users are able to listen to clips from both of Shane’s albums, or take a link to iTunes for additional listening and purchasing options.

Featuring stunning band photography on every page, if you’ve never seen Shane Smith & The Saints live, you’ll sure want to now. Head on over and check out this site that I’m incredibly proud of!